Ikuko Homma was taught by her mom how to make traditional Japanese sushi in their little village at the base of Mount Yotei. With a lifetime of training in the ancient art of sushi making, Ikuko quickly emerged as one of Montreal’s top sushi chefs after arriving here from Hokkaido. Committed to good diet as a way of life, Ikuko started a small sushi catering business in 1995 and pioneered her vegetarian brown rice sushi, which she distributed to leading health food stores. Ikuko’s nutritious and exotic products quickly soared in popularity.

Ikuko knows that freshness and texture are crucial to great sushi. That is why she crafts each piece using the best possible ingredients and time-tested techniques

Sushi is an art form to Ikuko. She takes great pleasure in the fact that her tasty, colourful ingredients reward all of the senses. By the same token, Ikuko takes deep satisfaction sharing a lifelong passion for fine Japanese cuisine with her delighted customers.


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