Sushi Workshops

3-Hour Basic Class: $40
Fee includes recipes, ingredients, sushi mat, certificate and 32 pieces of your own sushi to share in pride with friends and family. Rice texture is critical to great sushi. This workshop will teach you how to prepare perfect, fluffy rice, roll it neatly and employ special tricks to create die-for sushi with your very own hands! You will be awarded a Basic Sushi Certificate (in Japanese calligraphy) with your name on it!

3-Hour Advanced Class: $85
Price includes recipe and ingredients. This workshop is intended for advanced students. You will learn advanced techniques for preparing Japanese sushi and Western-style sushi, such as Rainbow Roll and Dragon's Eyes. You will also learn how to cut sashimi properly. You will be awarded an Advanced Sushi Certificate (in Japanese Calligraphy) with your name on it!

Workshops usually take place on Saturdays at noon.

Contact Sushi Chef Ikuko for more information.
Tel.: 514.799.3903
Fax: 514.313.5737



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